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Funeral Flowers
Funeral Flowers


Funeral flowers are sent the services and or burial. Items such casket saddles, standing sprays and plant arrangements. There is a protocol that states what items are meant to be sent by. For example the casket saddle are reserved for immediate family members, plants are sent by friends and co-workers. However you also need to take in consideration the persons religious affiliation, some rather you not send flowers/plants.


Protestant -
(Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, Episcopalian & Baptist)


Roman Catholic Funeral


Hispanic Funeral


Jewish Funeral


Buddhist Funeral


Hindu Funeral


Asian Funeral


Muslim Funeral


Latter-day Saints Funeral


Sympathy Flowers/Gift Baskets
Sympathy Flowers/Gift Baskets


Sympathy flowers as well as Sympathy/Gift baskets are sent to the family of the recently departed. Generally Sympathy Arrangements are smaller than what you might find at the funeral services or burial. Again, you must take into consideration of the persons religious affiliation. For items that you may or may not want to send click on one of the denominations from the list to the left.

Casket Saddles/Urn Tributes 
Standing Sprays 







Funeral/Sympathy Arrangements 
Plants/Sympathy-Gift Baskets